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Art Department News: Learning About Radcliffe Bailey

Join us as Marbut Traditional Theme School scholars, guided by the talented art teacher Mrs. Carolita Benton, embark on an exciting journey delving into the art and life of the late Radcliffe Bailey. In a special school-wide project throughout January and February, students will bring to life a tribute to the remarkable work of Radcliffe Bailey, an influential artist who left an indelible mark on the art scene. Radcliffe Bailey, known for his elegant sculptural assemblages and paintings, skillfully captured the essence of Black American history—melding the past, present, and future. 

Tragically, the art world lost Bailey in November 2023, but his legacy lives on through the impactful creations he left behind, showcasing a rich narrative through ready-made objects and images. Over the past three decades, Bailey curated a profound body of work, weaving objects collected from diverse sources into a narrative that spans the continuum of Black history. His art, often in the form of monumental sculptural installations, featured elements like tintypes from his family's archive, Georgian red clay, shipping tarps, and African figurines. 

Marbut Traditional Theme School is committed to nurturing the artistic talents of its students by introducing them to contemporary artists from the vibrant metro Atlanta area. These artists, like Radcliffe Bailey, contribute substantive pieces grounded in the African-American experience. Stay tuned as our scholars embark on this exciting artistic exploration, celebrating the legacy of Radcliffe Bailey and fostering creativity within our school community! ????? #MarbutArtProject #RadcliffeBaileyLegacy #ArtEducation